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Consulting Engineering is a multi-faceted collection of engineering services related to new, existing, and ongoing construction. We seek to provide our clients with the advice they need to make informed decisions regarding their property.

RIVET’s engineers provide Consulting Engineering services related to numerous aspects of the built environment. More specifically, RIVET offers engineering services involving nearly everything on a building from the roof to the foundation, betfair online sports bettingfrom gutters to grading, and from the structural framing to the building envelope. Top to bottom, inside and out.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide practical and sound conclusions and advice. We are attentive and efficient in our work. Our team works well with a myriad of clientele to provide unique and project-specific services as we listen first and respond. We tailor our recommendations to each client’s unique needs.

Please click HERE to assign a project or case to RIVET’s engineers.

RIVET provides engineering services related to the following:

Building Envelope
Catastrophe Response
Civil / Structural Engineering
Code Analysis/Review
betfair online live casinoCollapse and Partial Collapse
Condition Assessments
Construction Defects
Damage Assessments
Deconstructive Testing (DT) Evaluation
Drainage and Grading Issues

Earthquake Damage
Fire Damage
Foundation Movement
Fraud Investigation
Freeze Damage
Hail Damage
Insurance Appraisals / Umpire
Moisture Intrusion
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Premises Liability

Shoring / Temporary Support
Storm Damage
Structural Repairs
Vehicle Impacts
Water Damage
Wind Damage



    The process at RIVET Engineering Group betfair online live casinobegins with you, our client. Please click "Contact RIVET" to email information on your engineering needs and include your name, company name, contact information, and a description of your engineering needs and any special concerns. One of our engineers will personally respond to your request. Contact RIVET


    Once retained and we understand your initial concerns and the scope of your request for engineering services, RIVET’s engineers will review the available pertinent information and will likely request a meeting at the property to gather additional information. betfair online sports bettingSome of our smaller projects are resolved during this initial on-site meeting. More complex issues often require additional documentation and engineering services. If additional or further evaluation is necessary, RIVET will develop and discuss a plan of action with you.


    After the concerns have been carefully reviewed and the facts considered, RIVET provides the client with either a verbal consult or an engineered report of our findings, opinions, conclusions, photographs, and/or recommendations as necessary. Additionally, depending on the client’betfair online sports bettings specific property issues or requests, RIVET may provide stamped engineered plans (Design Engineering services) for repair, modification, reinforcement, etc.


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