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Within our structural engineering designs, RIVET combines the principles of engineering with expert knowledge of building materials, building codes, and construction practices to determine how to safely and efficiently construct a proposed structure or modify an existing structure.

RIVET’s engineers have decades of combined experience working with owners, architects, and contractors on successful projects in the fields of residential, commercial, governmental, medical, retail, hospitality, and institutional use, among others. RIVET’s engineers stand ready to respond for your next project whether it is betfair online sports bettinga new start from the ground-up, or a modification to an existing structure.

We recognize our role in the collaborative design process and strive to provide clear and concise documents and consultation for our clients. RIVET’s engineers are known for a straightforward approach and the knowledge and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and new information or ideas provided by other members of the team.

RIVET provides client-specific and project-specific plans, details, specifications, and reports. What sets RIVET apart from other structural engineering and design firms is our timeliness, attention to detail, and ability to work with the other members of the design team for the betterment of the project. Each proposal, concept, or idea receives careful betfair casinoconsideration with regards to safety and efficiency, and a timely response from our engineers. We hold our drawings and documents to our own high standards of clarity and efficiency, and we enjoy working with other people who also value these traits.

Please click HERE to to inquire how RIVET can assist with your next DESIGN project.

RIVET provides Design engineering services related to the following:

Additions / Alterations to Existing Structures
Commercial Buildings
Construction Observation Services
Drainage Repairs
Fire Damage Repairs
Foundation Design / Repair
Peer Review

Redlines to Plans / Concepts drawn by others
Remodels to Existing Structures
Retail / Businesses
Retaining Walls
Schools / Institutional Buildings
Seismic Evaluations and Retrofits
Shop Drawing Review

Structural Engineering
betfair casinoStructural Repairs
Third-party Inspection and Consultation
Vehicle Impact Repair
Water Damage Repairs
Wind Damage Repair
Walkway/Stair Replacement
Other - please contact us for unique projects



    The DESIGN engineering process at RIVET Engineering Group begins with you, our client. Please click "Contact RIVET" to email information on your engineering needs and include your name, company name, contact information, and a description of your engineering needs and any special concerns. One of our engineers will personally respond to your request. Contact RIVET


    RIVET engineers work with the other design team members in a collaborative effort to establish the project-specific requirements, budgets, betfair casinoand timelines for completion. We are available for initial consultation to answer questions pertaining to the best methodology and material selections that best fit the needs of the project and our client.


    We then begin our design process utilizing the applicable codes and the local jurisdiction’s special requirements. We perform the necessary calculations and draft the plans and details necessary to properly convey how to construct the project. This stage is a furthering of the team-oriented approach and we commonly provide check sets including 50%, 75%, and 90% to ensure consistency with the intent of the team/design.


    RIVET provides final stamped engineered plans for use in the permitting and construction processes. betfair online sports betting websiteDrawings are typically provided in electronic form (PDF) for clients and consultants, but may be printed and wet-stamped as required by the local jurisdiction’s requirements.


    Once the project is underway, RIVET reviews any applicable shop drawings or consultant calculations. During the construction process, RIVET performs regular site visits to ensure the structural portions of the project are consistent with the design intent and conform to our design.


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